Clear Fork Country presents 2009 Graham Varmint Hunt

We here at Clear Fork Country are saddened by the loss of Carlton Kendrick. We offer our sympathy to his family and all of the people that called Carlton a friend.
It is our understanding that the remaining hunts will take place on schedule. So please plan to attend the next hunt.

Varmint hunting was a passion of Carlton's and he will be sorely missed.

Also, there will be a permanent memorial placed at Clear Fork Country for all to see.

Check in at Clear Fork Country 3 miles east on Hwy 380, Graham, TX.

Saturday Check in time: 9:30 am until 11:00 am.

Sunday Weigh-in time:  11:00 am until 12:00 am

100 % payback

$35.00 for one-man team.

$35.00 per man on team.

$20.00 for High School (HS) kids and Ladies

14 and under hunt free

$1.00 per man expense fee to pay for expenses of tournament.

Special tournament for HS teams.

Side pots (optional)

Per team:

$10.00 heaviest coyote

$10.00 heaviest bobcat

$10.oo heaviest raccoon

Bobcat and coyote pays 2 places

Calcutta (optional)

$10.00 per man and all team members must participate

Hunt dates

January 24, 2009

February 21, 2009

March 21, 2009

 Tournament Rules

  1. This year no more than 9 animals will be counted for points.  We will have a 5 bobcat cap and a 4 coyote cap.  The best score will be 5 bobcats and 4 coyotes.
  2. This year you may hunt anywhere in the state of Texas or Oklahoma; on private land you have permission to hunt on or state land where varmint hunting is legal.
  3. This is a calling contest.  This year all animals must be called.  A called animal is: after you have come to a complete stop, and then start calling, an animal comes up that you haven’t seen.  Also, if you spot an animal you must come to complete stop and wait 20 seconds then start calling and then you may shoot the animal.  This year you will be allowed only 3 animals that you see and wait 20 seconds then shoot.  The rest must be 100% called in.  You may not drive, shine the light and be calling at the same time just to locate animals.
  4. You may not bait or put out anything or have someone else put out anything for drawing in bobcats or coyotes.  If an animal dies on its own and no one moves it you may call or hunt by it.  If the landowner moves his dead livestock to an area for his convenience, you can hunt by it.
  5. When hunting out of a vehicle you must come to a complete stop before you can shoot any animal.  No hunting out of boats or planes.  Teams must use or hunt out of only one vehicle.  Only hunting contestants are allowed in the vehicle while hunting.  No four wheelers allowed.  Your vehicle must have current tags and an inspection sticker.  You may leave a backup vehicle at gate.
  6. No hunting on public roads.  (dirt or paved)
  7. All animals must be shot from land you have permission to hunt on.
  8. No pooling of animals.  Only animals killed by team members during tournament hours will count.
  9. You may not add weight to your animals.  You cannot shoot an animal in a live trap.
  10. Team members must hunt on same land but may split up on that same land while hunting.  This year you can stop once and let a person or people out to hunt and drive on and then return to pick them up then go to the next spot.
  11. People under 18 must have a parent’s written permission to hunt and take the polygraph test.
  12. There will be 3 polygraph tests given.  Anyone winning money may be required to take a test.  If you fail the polygraph test, no money will be awarded to your team.  All team members must be present at the weigh-in.
  13. At least one team member must be at sign ups to pay entry fees, and listen to rules read.  Other members of team cannot start hunting until this hunter joins the team.  No one leaves sign ups until all rules have been read and final word is given.  You cannot fly out to where you hunt.
  14. No checks will be accepted.  Must pay cash at sign ups.  100% pay back of entry fees.  Will pay out at least 4 places.  Usually 6 to 10 places
  15. High School teams may have an adult to watch and drive only.
  16. To be able to do mail-ins on 2nd and 3rd hunts, you must have hunted or someone on your team hunted the 1st hunt.  More details and mail-in forms at the first hunt.

Points are as follows

Bobcats 40 pts

Coyotes 35 pts

Mt. lions 200 pts


For information contact

Lori Kendrick

1117 corvadura (940-549-6412)

Graham TX 76450


To get to sign up location: go east of Graham on Hwy 380 about 3 ½ miles and look for Clear Fork Country on the north side of hwy.  There is a great big deer head lying besides the building.