Clear Fork Country Game processing Service 

Just a few reasons for choosing Clear Fork Country to process your game animal:

  • Convenient Drive-thru Service
  • Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff
  • Clean, Modern Processing Facility
  • Highly Skilled Butchers
  • Ready-to-Eat Solutions
  • Cold Storage Services

Step 1. Animal Drop-off

It really doesn't get any easier than our drive-thru game drop-off facility

  • We unload your animal
  • We give your animal a unique tag number and log them into our tracking system
  • We take your picture with the animal (at your request)
  • We will spray out your cargo area (at your request)

Step 2. Tell us how you want it

  • Our friendly staff will assist you with your processing choices

Step 3. Get outta here and leave the rest to us

  • Your order will be filled by our highly skilled butchers